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Letter from Othmar Grueninger, Chairman of the Board

What wonderful clients we have! Our clients want to explore the world around them and demand great trips and great value. A great big thanks to all of our travelers who responded and let us know where they’d like to go. We are grateful, particularly in these turbulent economic times, that we can offer our clients interesting itineraries based on hands-on knowledge (not Internet reviews), 50-plus years of experience, dependability and that extra peace of mind knowing that we are bonded and all our tours are insured.

Speaking of great trips with great value, we are pleased to announce our “Land Only” pricing on select tours. This gives you great flexibility to customize your tour. It enables you to use your frequent flyer points for airfare, design a flight itinerary to fit your needs, create a more “custom” itinerary and add pre-stays before the tour or post-stays after the tour or even shop around. We want you to have the best price and value possible. We negotiate for the best value airfare in our “air-included” tours, but these negotiations are done a year in advance, so it’s quite possible that, at times, you may be able to find a more competitive fare. With the “land-only” pricing option, you may book your airfare yourself or ask our expert Air Team to book your air. We can also help you book the pre-stay or post-stay days.

With our “air-inclusive” option, you fly from Indy as a group with our Travel Director but with our “land-only” pricing, you just meet the rest of the group when we arrive and away we go. Whichever option you choose, you still bring home memories of extraordinary journeys — journeys with all the details handled and a wonderful mix of sightseeing and free time, scenery and adventure. Speaking of great trips and great value, take a look at this year’s charters! We're thrilled that we’re able to continue to offer you the nonstop option as well. For care-free, easy travel, you can fly direct to a sunny, warm Caribbean or Mexican resort. We’re proud to continue to offer these special values out of Indianapolis at a time when airfares everywhere are sky high, and flights out of Indy are declining.

For those of who you don’t have an Ambassadair credit card, I urge you to apply. You actually earn cash for travel. It is truly the easiest reward program around. There are no blackout dates or extra fees for special dates. You don’t need a certain number of points to cash in for a flight. There’s no hassle in redeeming. You will earn cash for every purchase charged to the account (FDIC insured). When you want to travel, just book your trip, then call the Customer Service number located on the back of the card, and the cash in your account is applied to the purchase. You will earn 1% on non-Ambassadair purchases and 2% on Ambassadair tours. Immediately. If you don’t have enough cash earned, then you can use what you do have toward your trip purchase. The travel can be for anything, not just an Ambassadair trip. It can even be for a rental car. It’s one way we have to show you our appreciation for your continued loyalty. You don’t have to ask me; just ask any of our card members. They’ll tell you how easy it is to travel for free!

We look forward to traveling with you soon!

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