St. Louis Cardinals @ Chicago Cubs

September 29, 2018


Sat - 1 Day

Looking for a great time with family and friends? Head for Chicago for the day and watch the Cubs play the St. Louis Cardinals in famed Wrigley Field. The Cardinals-Cubs rivalry goes back to 1901, and is known as the “Downstate Illinois Rivalry” or the “I-55 Series.” Expect numerous visiting fans from St. Louis to be cheering for their team. The Cardinals are one of the most successful teams, having won 11 World Series championships (to the Cubs’ three), but haven’t been in a World Series game since 2013.

Upon arrival at Wrigley Field, you’ll have plenty of time to grab a bite outside of the ballpark at one of the many restaurants or bars in the Wrigleyville neighborhood before taking your unobstructed-view seat in the Field Box Outfield section.

Travel to Chicago on a deluxe motorcoach, and head back to Indianapolis immediately after the game.

St. Louis Cardinals @ Chicago Cubs Pricing

Per Person*

Complete Package



Ambassadair Trip #7455

Cubs scoreboard at Wrigley Field / © Christopher O'Maley

Highlights Include

  • No-hassle transportation to Chicago
  • Unobstructed view Field Box Outfield Ticket to the St. Louis Cardinals @ Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field

Package Includes

  • R/T deluxe motorcoach transportation from Indianapolis
  • Admission per itinerary
  • Escorted from Indianapolis


Note: As of 1/11/18 the start time for this game has not been announced by MLB.

Other Dates: June 9, 2018 and July 7, 2018

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